The future of the cruise ship buffet

How do cruise ships provide food efficiently and safely without compromising on a superior customer experience?

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, a real disruption in most aspects of our social life; meeting friends, going out, exercising, working, traveling. Covid-19 has caused a lot of grief, but on the positive side, it also acts as a catalyst and engine for creativity, innovation and progress. If the pandemic recurs, we are ready. Cruise ships are working on new processes to ensure passengers have the safest possible experience and crew working environment.

One of the areas that cruise ships inevitably need to consider and change is their eateries and restaurants. Buffets, as we know, can change drastically or even cease to exist. As a first quick fix, owners will need to find simple and cost-effective temporary solutions to prepare for sailing in August. However, interim solutions are unlikely to be 100% effective and visually acceptable as long-term solutions.

In 2020, cruise ships will be reluctant to make major revitalization changes as future standards and regulations remain unclear. There are also potential difficulties for passenger and cabin crews, and cruise ships operate in difficult economic conditions. At ALMACO, we work hard to create temporary and cost-effective solutions that allow cruise ships to continue navigating and buy time to make decisions about long-term solutions.

As the pandemic subsides and we learn more about the spread of the virus, new standards and regulations will begin to emerge from independent regulators, but new demands will also emerge from cruisers. Cruise ships are entering the second phase to transform their old buffet restaurants and eateries to serve many customers efficiently while maintaining the highest possible level without making large investments. It’s not just about providing food safely; It is also about conveying a sense of security to customers. However, a superior customer experience must be as good as ever. The new concept must be “Wow” while meeting the new norms and rules.

Quality food

Once the cruise ships have been sailing for some time and revenue is starting to rise, the third step is to start reviving and marketing the new restaurant concept to restore customer confidence and satisfaction. Some choose to keep the buffet concept, but implement design improvements and equipment innovations that make it safe. Others want to turn their restaurants into an à la carte kitchen or cooking show. Whatever you choose, we can assure you that ALMACO is here to help our customers at every stage, from quick repairs to restaurant launches, to designing and revitalizing new innovative future and bacteria-safe restaurant concepts. Let’s all come together to make the new usually better than the old.