About cruising!

Ready to try out a cruise? Planning your (first) cruise can feel overwhelming. There are indeed so many choices, such as large full-entertainment ships in the Caribbean, luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, river cruises on the Amazon, and expedition ships in Antarctica. You might need to put some careful thought into what kind of traveler you are, a foodie, an adventurer, or a night bird. Choose which type of cruise vacation you want, while also considering practicalities as your budget, the period you like to travel, the length of the trip and your travel companions.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this article to start planning, booking and experiencing the trip of a lifetime!

Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

Why Cruising?

Going on a cruise is an easy and convenient way to travel. You unpack only once and can experience the best of a whole region on one single vacation. There is nothing more comfortable than waking up in the morning in the world’s most exciting and interesting cities and traveling at night to your next destination to be explored the next day. Cruises have an unbeatable value. Your cruise fare includes accommodations, meals, entertainment and an endless array of activities. Plus, you won’t have to pay for expensive airfares to get you from one city to the next. Just step aboard and let you be guided by the warm and welcoming service of the cruise staff.

Where can I go?

There is a broad range of enriching cruise vacation options from the Great Land’s glaciers and wildlife in Alaska to the colorful reefs and breathtaking landscapes of the Caribbean (one of the most popular holidays to find both discovery and relaxation). And what about Europe, it beckons with a glorious history, fascinating cities, charming villages and a taste of la dolce vita. Plan your on-shore excursion that will take you to alluring sites and let you experience the local culture. Most cruise lines offer plenty of shore excursions for various interests and activity levels as well as tours tailored for families!

What to do onboard?

On board, there are endless choices for everyone, from young to older. You’ll find exciting activities such as culinary demonstrations or wine tastings, live entertainment as well as more relaxing services, like spas and a fully equipped library. You might find presentations where you learn about the culture and the main attractions of the ports you will be visiting. You can spend the evening watching shows in the theater, enjoy street performer-style entertainment or just grab a book and tea in the library with spectacular sea views from your plush lounge chair.
Regarding meals, there is something for every mood, whether you feel like a multi-course meal in a formal dining room or a freshly baked pizza or make your own choice at the buffet (perfect for children). The variety of restaurants and dining options will satisfy everybody’s needs no matter the time of day.

How are the rooms?

The cabins aboard are equipped with all comfort you might get at a good hotel including TV, a refrigerator, safe and sometimes complimentary room service. There are spacious balcony rooms and suites with 24-hour views of the sea but also value rooms for budget conscious travelers and connecting rooms that are the perfect solution for families.

Sunset view from the deck

Sunset view from the deck

What can kids do?

All cruise lines are equipped with experienced staff who are ready to ensure kids stay happy all day long. In the Kid’s Clubs, there’s everything from art projects, games, the latest movies, talent shows, and much more. Many ships have partnerships with brands such as Crayola, Fisher-Price or LEGO with which they develop engaging programs for young cruisers to play, discover and create.

How do I plan?

By planning and keeping track of everything that needs to be done before the big day, you will have the best vacation you could have ever imagined. Think ahead of time also to purchase your airfare, and consider whether you like to add a few days of holiday before or after your cruise to discover the area on shore. With some easy to follow tips, you might also find a great deal, because there are many affordable cruises available if you know where to look. Happy Sailing!