Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Schindler Marine provided elevator solutions for two passenger ships from MEYER WERFT in Germany in 2014 and 2015. The two cruise ships commissioned by the world’s second largest cruise operator, Royal Caribbean International, were the first new generation of ships.

About Schindler Marine

Headquartered in Concorezzo, Italy, Schindler Marine specializes in providing mobility solutions for ships and megaboats. It has equipped more than 90 ships with more than 2,000 sea lifts and escalators over the last 20 years.

Maintenance services are available worldwide and are operated from Italy and Miami, Florida. Schindler Marine is part of Schindler Italy, a subsidiary of the Swiss Schindler Group, a leading provider of elevators, escalators and related services.

High performance

Schindler Marine equipped each ship with sixteen passenger elevators, including six scenic models, thirteen service elevators, three cabins, and three ships accessible to disabled passengers.

158,000 GRT (BRT) has more than 4,100 guests based on double rooms. Royal Caribbean says the ships are based on the best ideas from existing ships and add new exciting activities and entertainment concepts.

“At Schindler, we had the pleasure of working with MEYER WERFT on these Royal Caribbean ships, especially given the cruise ship’s reputation for building such innovative ships,” said Fabio Pelliccione, Director of Marine Business at Schindler. The partnership was an opportunity to combine Schindler’s experience in marine installations with new technology developed by Schindler that further improves the efficiency of the elevator while reducing the cruise operator’s operating costs.

Schindler Marine’s specialized design team worked on the project for more than a year and developed fully customized solutions to meet customer needs.