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6 Theme Cruises that you shouldn’t miss

Looking for a cruise that matches your interests? What about a theme cruise? On theme cruises, you sail with people who have shared interests and participate in activities that are tailored just for you. Today you can find a theme cruise for just about everyone ranging from music, arts, golf, food to wellbeing. Of course, a significant benefit of a “deep-dive” in your favorite activity at sea, is that your meals, accommodations, and regular activities and entertainment on board are included in the cruise fare. Here is a look at our favorite six theme cruises.

Food & Wine Theme Cruise

Food & wine cruises are dedicated to the variety and diversity of international wines and cuisine. On this gastronomic trip, everything including local food traditions, dining etiquette, and wine appreciation is awaiting you. You get the chance to see celebrated chefs prepare signature dishes and demonstrate cooking techniques. You might even learn some of the secrets of their culinary artistry. Cookery courses, recipes, and tasting sessions ensure passengers get a closer, hands-on experience of cooking in style. Distinguished wine connoisseurs may be on board to provide insights into the fascinating world of wine; they teach the art of wine tasting and let you try some vintage labels. Depending on the cruise’s destination, special shore excursions to local vineyards may be available as well. These cruises are real feasts or fine dining, and will reawaken your taste buds!

Dancing While Cruising

Dancing While Cruising

Dance & Music Theme Cruises

If dancing puts on you a happy face, then a dance theme cruise should be your pick. Cruise ships offer dance aficionados a variety of alluring venues, from trendy nightclubs playing the latest club music to outdoor dancing under the stars or the grandeur of a traditional ballroom. Plus, themed dance cruises can be a great place to find dance hosts and instructors that help you to improve your dancing skills while meeting other people who love to dance. So, whether you’re a traditional fox-trotter, a modern mambo master or prefer Latin American Tango, dance cruises are an opportunity to learn the sequences of old and contemporary dance alike.
Staying in the same “rhythm & beat”, you may look at Music Theme Cruises, which are perhaps the most demanded nowadays. From classical to jazz, these cruises appeal to a broad range of music fans. Most cruises feature plenty of dancing opportunities, special guest performances, and some even offer the chance to attend a seminar with a featured performer. Enjoy the best in live entertainment while cruising on some of the most innovative ships at sea by booking one of these sailings.

Art & Craft Theme Cruises

Art & Craft cruises provide the opportunity to acquire new techniques, from painting, pottery, knitting, to scrapbooking or crafts for kids. Experienced professionals may give in-depth lectures about art history, architecture or restoration. These cruises have increased in popularity in recent years, as they not only teach new skills in a beautiful environment but leave you with hand-made souvenirs and the ability to make more when you get home. The courses on board change often and are designed for every level. So, everyone from beginner to professionals will find the classes on these cruises engaging and enriching. Depending on the destination, travelers may even wander on shore, and discover local arts and other hidden treasures of the local seaside villages.

Local Art on the Shore

Local Art on the Shore

Enrichment Theme Cruise

Enrichment Theme Cruises are becoming every time more attractive. Cruise lines, especially the premium and luxury ones, understand that many travelers want sea-day activities more stimulating than lounging at the pool or playing bingo. Indeed, interactive workshops, culinary classes, and educational lectures (such as TED Talks at sea) are making cruising a lot more exciting. These ‘cruising universities’ offer hugely diverse subjects to travelers focusing on educational topics like personal finance, history, and computers. There’s plenty of personal enrichment, health, and wellness programs too. The programs – supported by well-established institutions – give travelers a deeper understanding of a chosen subject. Going back to class and experiencing the pleasures of cruising at the same time is undoubtedly an appealing holiday choice.

Golf Theme Cruises

Imagine the thrill of practicing your swing in the onboard driving range while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean waters. Golf cruises accommodate professionals and amateurs alike proving opportunities to discover the most fabulous golf courses of the world and play rounds of golf in scenic settings without needing to think about accommodations for the night. A Golf Theme Cruise is not only a fantastic deal for golfers, but also for their partners (even if they don’t play); the ships all have excellent facilities to spend a relaxing day on board.

Playing Golf on Board

Playing Golf on Board

Fitness & Wellbeing Theme Cruises

Health-minded cruisers have plenty of options nowadays, with cruise lines continuing to offer more innovative health and wellness packages. Even those who aren’t overly active may be attracted by a fitness cruise to loosen up their muscles. Whether you’re a gym enthusiast, a sporadic practicer or a wellness fan, a cruise can offer an energizing getaway. In addition to cutting-edge workouts at sea, many cruise lines have fitness trainers onboard to help you build a fitness plan including healthier menus. Fun activities like surfing, rock climbing are as well available, and on port days there you can spend a day hiking, kayaking, swimming or diving. In between all these pieces of training, guest speakers and instructors may give informative lectures focusing on the health benefits of e.g. yoga and pilates. There are also wellbeing cruises that focus on releasing your everyday stress and let you restore your inner balance. These cruises give you the opportunity to indulge in luxury and just cuddle yourself! Taking life at a slow pace with the panoramic views of the Mediterranean is, without a doubt, a healing adventure.

Gym With a View

Gym With a View

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